seoul cafe

In our cafe we serve home made warm and cold drinks. We have a regular drink menu and a special drink menu which changes every season. Our cozy seating area is inspired by Korean cafes with sofas, Korean magazines and K-Pop playing in the background. Feel relaxed with a drink and homely vibe.

 Home Made Iced Lemonades  

Sparkling Ginger honey lemonade

sparkling honey lemon lemonade

each €3,-

 coffee and latte  

espresso     €2,-

coffee         €2,25

iced coffee €3,-

cappuccino €2,50

latte           €2,75

(iced or hot)

chai latte               €3,50

green tea latte      €3,50

Coconut latte         €3,50

Black sesame latte €3,75

morning rice            €3,75

*special milk       €0,50

 (oat milk / soy milk)


Green tea

Doonglae Tea

Earl grey

corn tea

barley tea

each €2,-

*special tea

mint tea

honey ginger tea

honey lemon tea

honey plum tea

each €2,25